So, Where do You want to Go!  

Are you ready for your trip to the Caribbean? If not, here is a view into what you are missing. Everything from water temperatures and weather to many live webcam views of the resorts and beaches in the islands. Just waiting for you to arrive. Click on the Island Menu to get you started!

LIVE - Ocean Club Resorts, East - Grace Bay Beach, TCI

Welcome to Caribbean Live! Watch what is going on now at many of the best island resorts throughout the Caribbean. If you can't be there, at least you can watch. I love to go to the Caribbean and many of these webcams can be helpful in deciding where to go next! Many of these webcams are sponsored by Hotels or Resorts at these beautiful destinations. It cost them money to run these webcams. I've included a link to their website. Please visit their site and consider them in the search for your next vacation!

A Few of my Favorite Webcams
Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa - Located in Aruba at the more quiet Eagle Beach. Not like the more active Palm Beach locations. Eagle Beach is one of the few locations in Aruba that topless sun bathing is accepted. The beach view of this webcam is used for weddings, and has a great view of the sunset. The image is a fairly good quality but at the higher quality the refresh rate will slow down. I've setup three versions so you can get the right combination of quality and speed for your likes.

Royal Palms - Located on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, the Royal Palms has several webcams. They have recently been upgrade to provide a fairly high quality video feed. With the video zoom option, you can get a close up and personal view of the action on the beach and at the beach bar. You can normally see two or three cruise ships on the horizon. Many of the people on the beach are just there for the day. The crowd will be much smaller on days without cruise ships in port!

Soggy Dollar Beach Bar - Always on the Travel Channel's List of Top 10 Beach Bars. The webcam is a great look into how things have recovered since the huricane. The boats off shore come in daily to drop off guests, and leave at the end of the day. Often you will see people on the beach waving at the camera. Beach bars like this were hurt badly by the hurricanes, and need all the help they can get to recover. Looks like a nice beach to have a few drinks!

Akumal Beach - Akumal, just south of the Cancun and Playa del Carmen strip in Mexico. Every morning you can watch as they rake the seaweed from the beach and groom the sand before the tourist arrive. A few girls will tan topless, but not as many as did a few years back (the good ole days). The boats in the water just off shore add to the scene to make this one of the best. Not much action, other than a snorkeling tour that apparently departs from here, and the occasional wedding on the beach. The webcam has great image quality and color, but will freeze from time to time due to traffic (I guess).

Club Orient - Located on Orient Beach in St. Martin, one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean. A great beach for people watching. This is an international destination with a mix of travelers from all over the world. The webcam is located at Club Orient (note the famous yellow umbrellas), the clothing optional resort at one end of the beach. However, the resolution of the webcam keeps this a PG rated view. We have been there once on one of our cruise vacations, and would like to return and spend more time. CURRENTLY DOWN - The resort was badly damaged by the hurricane. The website says they will be back soon. Let's hope so, and with a better webcam!

Calypso - A very natural deserted beach on Abacos in the Bahamas. Some days the water can be pretty rough, but other days looks as clear and still as glass. The cam is not a video webcam and has a slow refresh rate. The quality is not even that great, but is nice to watch. I guess it is one of those places I would like to visit in person, so it qualifies for my favorites list!

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